Piano chords, scales and more!

Impress your friends with extraordinary piano playing skills. Use interesting scales, chords, voicings and progressions which raise your music to a new level. With simpliChords you can do it today!

simpliChords is a simple and intuitive scales, chords, voicings and progressions library. Just select your key and all informations you need will be shown on virtual keyboard. With just a single button you can listen how a chord sounds! Moreover, simpliChords lets you send everything you play to external instrument via MIDI interface.


Version 3.2 Feb 25, 2018
Minor bugfixes
Version 3.1 Feb 1, 2018
Progression builder! Compose your own chord progressions!
Version 3.0 Aug 4, 2017
simpliChords 3.0 has come with renewed user interface. More updates will come soon.
Version 2.4 Dec 20, 2016
New update, new name, new possibilities!
  • Chords+Scales becomes now simpliChords!
  • MIDI out! Yes, you were all waiting for that and now you can send any chord from simpliChords to another application or a real instrument via MIDI interface! Available only in Pro Version!
  • New beautiful app icon
Version 2.3 Sep 27, 2016
Extra premium content!
  • 11 new voicings
  • 2 new jazz progressions
Version 2.2 Sep 20, 2016
New amazing stuff!
  • NEW! Voicings - first step to being the musician you always wanted to be!
  • more accessible toolbar instead of settings page
  • keyboard improvements
Version 2.1 Apr 29, 2016
Thank you for your feedback! You are all great!
  • 3 new free scales: Bebop, Whole Tone and Augmented
  • 8 new premium scales: Mystic, Oriental, Yo, Mongolian, Persian, Byzantine, Javanese and Balinese
Version 2.0 Mar 24, 2016
I am proud to announce this major update for you!
  • added realistic piano sound
  • 69 amazing chord progressions
  • chord inversions
  • 9 new exotic scales
  • few new chords
  • settings view
  • new app icon
Version 1.0 May 31, 2015